Dr. Kunjoong Kim Junior Research Group Leader

TUCHACF Professur für Chemie der Festkörperelektrolyte (Prof. Rupp)
85748 Garching b. München, Lichtenbergstr. 4/III (Elektochemische Materialien)

PhD, Materials Science and Engineering, Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH), Republic of Korea, 2017
Exsolution-driven fuel electrode for thermally robust micro-SOFC supported on stainless steel
BSc, Materials Science and Engineering, Sejong University, Republic of Korea, 2011

Kunjoong's research is focused on developing efficient and durable catalytic metal oxide materials that enable the direct transformation of carbon dioxide and water into methane and/or other hydrocarbons with high conversion and during prolonged high temperature thermochemical cycling.

His research interest also includes new concepts for ceramic interface engineering based on electrode/electrolyte arrangements for electrochemical energy storage and conversion devices such as solid state batteries and fuel cells.

Schematic of solid state battery.

Processing thin but robust electrolytes for solid-state batteries
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*Joint first authorship

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*Joint first authorship

All ceramic cathode composite design and manufacturing towards low interfacial resistance for garnet-based solid-state lithium batteries
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