Dr. Moran Balaish Junior Research Group Leader

TUCHACF Professur für Chemie der Festkörperelektrolyte (Prof. Rupp)
85748 Garching b. München, Lichtenbergstr. 4/III (Elektochemische Materialien)

PhD, Grand Technion Energy Program (GTEP), Technion, Israel, 2016
Thesis: Development of a Perfluorocarbon modified Air Cathode/Non-aqueous Electrolyte System for Li-air Batteries
MA, Energy Engineering, Technion, Israel, 2013
BSc, Materials Science and Engineering, Technion, Israel, 2011
BSc, Chemistry, Technion, Israel, 2011

Moran Balaish is a Junior research group leader in the Chemistry department at TUM (Technical University of Munich) where she is also the group leader for TUMint.Energy Research GmbH. Dr. Balaish’s team seeks to accelerate scientific discoveries and device integration of energy-related ceramic materials via high–throughput automated experimentation workflows, from synthesis to characterization and data interpretation, and their integration with machine learning.

Dr. Balaish is a Material Scientist and a Chemist holding a Ph.D. in Energy Engineering from the Technion (Israel Institute of Technology). After completing her doctorate on the topic of non-aqueous Li-air battery systems, she was a Fulbright postdoctoral fellow in the Electrochemical Materials Laboratory at the department of Material Science and Engineering at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). There she conducted fundamental study of structure-property-performance relationships of fast solid-state ion conductors for applications beyond batteries, including neuromorphic computing and environmental sensing. She describes her work with Li-based memristors for neuromorphic computing, made in collaboration with Ericsson, in a blog post here.

Open Positions
I am looking for outstanding undergraduate students, graduate students and postdoctoral researchers with background in chemistry, electrochemistry, ceramic processing, data science, machine learning to be explored in the field of energy storage and conversion (e.g., hybrid batteries, solid state batteries)and sensors. If interested, please contact Dr. Moran Balaish at moran.balaish@tum.de.

Customizable solid-state batteries toward shape-conformal and structural power supplies
L. Wei, S. Liu, M. Balaish, Z. Li, X. Zhou, J.L.M. Rupp, X. Guo
Materials Today, in press (2022)


Design of Triple and Quadruple Phase Boundaries and Chemistries for Environmental SO2 Electrochemical Sensing
M. Balaish and J.L.M. Rupp
Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 9, 14691 (2021)


"Interfaces in oxide-based Li metal batteries", book chapter in the upcoming book “Nanda, Augustyn, Transition Metal Oxides for Electrochemical Energy Storage”
M. Balaish*, K.J. Kim*, M. Wadaguchi, L. Kong, J.L.M. Rupp
Wiley-VCH, Weinheim, ISBN 978-3-527-34493-2 (2021)

*Joint first authorship.

A binary carbon-free aluminum anode for lithium-ion batteries
I. Offen-Polak, M. Auinat, N. Sezin, Y. Ein-Eli, M. Balaish
Journal of Power Sources, 498, 229902 (2021)


Widening the Range of Trackable Environmental and Health Pollutants for Li-Garnet-Based Sensors
M. Balaish and J.L.M. Rupp
Advanced Materials, 2100314 (2021)


Processing thin but robust electrolytes for solid-state batteries
M. Balaish*, J.C. Gonzalez-Rosillo*, K.J. Kim, Y. Zhu, Z.D. Hood, J.L.M. Rupp
Nature Energy, 6, 227-239 (2021)

*Joint first authorship. Highlighted in TechXplore.

Lithium-film ceramics for solid-state lithionic devices
Y. Zhu, J.C. Gonzalez-Rosillo, M. Balaish, Z.D. Hood, K.J. Kim, J.L.M. Rupp
Nature Review Materials (2020)


Solid‐State Li–Metal Batteries: Challenges and Horizons of Oxide and Sulfide Solid Electrolytes and Their Interfaces
K.J. Kim, M. Balaish, M. Wadaguchi, L. Kong, J.L.M Rupp
Advanced Energy Materials, 202002689 (2020)

*Joint first authorship. Featured on the inside front cover.
15 Lithium-Battery Anode Gains Additional Functionality for Neuromorphic Computing through Metal-Insulator Phase Separation
J. C. Gonzalez-Rosillo, M. Balaish, Z. Hood, N. Nadkarni, D. Fraggedakis, K. Kim, K.M. Mullin, R. Pfenninger, M. Z. Bazant, J.L.M Rupp
Advanced Materials, 1907465 (2020)
14 Electrospun Ionomeric Fibers with Anion Conducting Properties
M. Meirav, M. Halabi, G.E. Shter, V. Beilin, M. Balaish, Y. Ein‐Eli, D.R. Dekel, and G.S. Grader
Advanced Functional Materials, 1901733 (2019)
13 Enhanced Li‐O2 Battery Performance in a Binary “Liquid Teflon” and Dual Redox Mediators
M. Balaish, X. Gao, P.G. Bruce, and Y. Ein‐Eli
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12 A Critical Review on Functionalization of Air‐Cathodes for Nonaqueous Li–O2 Batteries
M. Balaish, J. Jung, I. Kim, and Yair Ein-Eli
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11 Diffusivity and Solubility of Oxygen in Solvents for Metal/Oxygen Batteries: A Combined Theoretical and Experimental Study
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10 Investigation of Rechargeable Poly(ethylene oxide)-Based Solid Lithium–Oxygen Batteries
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9 Meso-pores Carbon Nano-tubes (CNTs) Tissues-Perfluorocarbons (PFCs) Hybrid Air-electrodes for Li-O2 Battery
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8 Low voltage electric potential as a driving force to hinder biofouling in self-supporting carbon nanotube membranes
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1 Distinct View on Batteries Performance Analysis
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2 Spray Prolysis of Lithium Salt Films
Y. Zhu, M. Balaish, L. Kong, J.L.M. Rupp
PCT/US21/59339 (2021)
1Gas sensor device containing Lithium garnet
M. Balaish, Z.D. Hood, J.L.M. Rupp
US 63 (2021)
Fellowships, Awards, and Honors
Zuckerman Israeli Postdoctoral Scholarship, 2018 MIT-Technion Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2018
J. William Fulbright Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2018-2019
International Society of Electrochemistry (ISE) member, 2018
Rieger -JNF Fellow in Environmental Studies, 2015
The ECS (Electrochemical Society) Student Travel Grant recognizing promising students in the science and engineering areas of electrochemical energy storage, 2015
The Ministry of Science, Technology and Space Student Travel Scholarship, 2015
1st prize oral presentation -Israel Electrochemistry conference, 2014
Ph.D. candidate scholarship in the field of energy, Ministry of Energy and water resources, 2014-2015
ElectroChemical Society (ECS) member, 2013
The Ministry of Science, Technology and Space Student Travel Scholarship, 2013
Rieger -JNF Fellow in Environmental Studies, 2012
1st prize poster - 2nd Israel Electrochemistry conference, 2012
Master graduate scholarship in the field of energy, Ministry of Energy and water resources, 2013