Yuntong Zhu PhD Student

yuntong[at] | (+1) 617-258-0521
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
77 Massachusetts Ave, Room 8-240
Cambridge, MA 02139, USA

B.S. Materials Science and Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2017

B.S. Industrial and System Engineering, Georgia institute of Technology, 2017

Yuntong Zhu is working on polyamorphous lithium-based all solid-state batteries and lithium-based resistive switching (RS) materials for non-volatile memory applications and neuromorphic computing. Her goal is to fabricate polyamorphous lithium-based thin film materials, understand their transport and surface properties, and engineer novel energy/information storage devices.


Processing thin but robust electrolytes for solid-state batteries
M. Balaish*, J.C. Gonzalez-Rosillo*, K.J. Kim, Y. Zhu, Z.D. Hood, J.L.M. Rupp
Nature Energy, in press (2021)

*Joint first authorship

Lithium-film ceramics for solid-state lithionic devices
Y. Zhu, J.C. Gonzalez-Rosillo, M. Balaish, Z.D. Hood, K.J. Kim, J.L.M. Rupp
Nature Review Materials (2020)

6Boron-doped coronenes with high redox potential for organic positive electrodes in lithium-ion batteries: a first-principles density functional theory modeling study
Y. Zhu, K.C. Kim, S.S. Jang
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5Effect of polymer binders on graphene-based free standing electrodes for supercapacitors
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3Molecular level study of graphene networks functionalized with phenylenediamine monomers for supercapacitor electrodes
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M.I.T. Case No. 23978J, (2022)
4 Dual-Phase Composite Li-Conducting Thin Film and Method of Making the Same
Y. Zhu, Z. Hood, J. Hinricher, W.S. Chang, H.C. Lee, L. Miara, J.L.M. Rupp
US 63/180,150 (2021)
3 Spray Prolysis of Lithium Salt Films
Y. Zhu, M. Balaish, L. Kong, J.L.M. Rupp
PCT/US21/59339 (2021)
2 Solid-state Electrolyte and Method of Manufacture Thereof.
Z.D. Hood, Y. Zhu, L. Miara, J.L.M. Rupp.
US 62/713,366 (2018)
1 Solution-Processed Solid-state Electrolyte and Method of Manufacture Thereof.
Y. Zhu, Z.D. Hood, L. Miara, J.L.M. Rupp.
US 62/713,428 (2018)
Fellowships, Awards, and Honors
ExxonMobil-MIT Energy Fellowship, 2020