Dario Mauth PhD Student

dario.mauth[at]tum.de | (+49 89 289) 54 431
Room 46213
Lichtenbergstr. 4, 85748 Garching

B. Sc. Chemistry, WWU Muenster, Germany
M. Sc. Chemistry, Technical University Munich, Germany
Exchange Semester at KTH Stockholm, Sweden

Dario is interested in high-throughput synthesis and Raman spectroscopy.

1 Accessing Structural, Electronic, Transport and Mesoscale Properties of Li-GICs via a Complete DFTB Model with Machine-Learned Repulsion Potential
S. Anniés, C. Panosetti, M. Voronenko, D. Mauth, C. Rahe, C. Scheurer
Materials, 14(21), 6633 (2021)